User Security Rights Overview

User Security Rights can be viewed by Global Admins by accessing Server Settings -> Groupsand clicking on the overview link associated with the individual user name under User column.  

Security Rights Tables

The Security Rights Tables contain all the security rights that have been applied to specific repositories, projects and folders defined for the user.

For the source control repository and item tracking project access, the tables contain the repository/project name and the associated rights.  For Folder Security, the table contains the following information.


The name of the repository of the assignment.


The full Vault Professional path of the folder of the assignment.


The access security rights assigned to the group for the folder. The access rights can be one or more of "RCA" (Read, Check in, Add). This only lists actual access rights assignments and not access rights assignments that are automatically applied recursively to sub-folders.  Rights inherited from group membership are included.

The Security Rights Overview page is further linked to the individual Repository or Project Access pages.  This can be accessed by clicking the name of a specific repository or project to allow for editing of the group’s rights for that repository/project.


Click Done to exit the Security Rights box and return to the Userspage.