Project Milestones are points in a development cycle where certain features or functionality are scheduled to be completed. Admins can create defined deadlines for completing bugs, tasks or features and to summarize the estimated remaining time to fix bugs or to finish tasks.

The Milestones page lists all milestones in the selected project, sorted by goal date. The Milestones Table contains the following columns:

Add Project Milestone

To add a Vault Professional milestone, click on the Add button.

Enter a name (required) and description (optional) for the milestone.  Milestone names can contain any character except ‘<’ or ‘>’.  Enter the milestone goal date or click the Calendar to choose a goal date from the calendar.  The date should be in the format dd-mmm-yyyy.

When a milestone is created it will appear on the Server Home page for any user who has read access to the milestone.

Click Save to add the milestone or Cancel to return to the Milestones page without saving changes.

Modify Project Milestones

To modify a Milestone, click the Modify pencil icon associated with the Milestone you want to edit.

The Milestone name, goal date, description and active status can be modified from this page. All milestones are added as active by default. Uncheck the Active checkbox to de-activate a milestone. Click Save to save your changes, or Cancel to return to the Milestones page without making changes.

Inactive Milestones

To reduce the amount of extraneous information in item view pages, a Milestone can be marked inactive. Only Milestones without open items can be marked inactive.

Deactivating a milestone will affect the following pages:


Only active milestones are displayed in the Item Summary by Milestone section.

Item Summary Pages

Only active milestones are displayed for the following Item Summary pages.

Item List Grouped by Milestone






Time Remaining

Item List Grouped by Milestone

Items associated with all milestones will be listed on the "Grouped" Bug List page. All milestones will be listed as "groups" unless a milestone is inactive and there are no bugs associated with it in the query results. For example, if you query on open bugs, no open bugs will be associated with an inactive milestone so that milestone will not be listed as a "group".

Open Items Page

Only active milestones will be listed in the Open item list.

Delete Project Milestones

Click the "X" in the Delete columnn to delete the Milestone from the repository. After selecting Delete or Cancel, the Milestone page and the list will be refreshed.