Project Access

The Project Access page for an individual project summarizes the groups/individuals that can access that project.  Please see Project Access.

Project Default

The Project Default table describes the default rights to the project for all users. The default access for all projects is No Access.

Group Access

The Groups table contains the name of each group, their assigned rights, and the option to edit or delete these rights.  As new groups are assigned to a project, their rights (access/no access) can be set from this page.

User Access

The Users table contains the name of each user (or only active users if the Hide Inactive Users checkbox is checked).  The user’s rights are listed and can be edited by clicking the edit icon.  The columns can be sorted on this table by clicking on the appropriate heading.  Clicking a second time on the heading will reverse the sort.  The default sort is alphabetically on the User column.

Hide Inactive Users

The Hide Inactive Users checkbox determines whether the User Access list contains all users or only active users.