The Groups page lists the groups associated with that specific work item tracking project. New groups can be added from this page, and existing group properties can be modified.  

Individual Project Groups Table

The Groups Table is a table listing the groups associated with the individual project.  The columns can be sorted on this table by clicking on the appropriate heading.  Clicking a second time will reverse the sort.  The default sort is alphabetically on the Group column.

The table includes:


The group’s name.


The owner of the group, which can be global or project specific.


A brief description of the group.

Access Rights

Click View to see the Group's access rights to this and other work item projects and repositories.


Click the pencil icon to modify the selected group. From this page, the name, description and user members of a group can be modified.  Please see Reference -> Add/Edit Group.


Click the red "X" icon to delete the selected group


Click Add to create a new group.  Please see Reference -> Add/Edit Group for additional details.  Unlike groups created under Server Settings ->Groups, these groups will be owned by the individual project.